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It truly creates a raw, bare-wood look, and claims are that it holds up like a champ. Are there any questions I should be asking the installer at this point to ensure a good outcome. I say that because the Bona instructions left behind by our installer say humidity is supposed to kept within very narrow limits at all times and the floors should be cleaned daily with their products (and we all know that no homeowner on earth is going to clean their floors daily). I have used the traffic version in satin in the old place and after 5 years it's been perfect. Hi @Menegazzo1 and @Samantha Oxenham ...thank you guys for your posts, I'm also from Australia. Bona Traffic Naturale. Or did you mean between coats of FINISH??? Matte is a difficult level to live with. I had used Bona waterborne polyurethane before, which applies with impressive ease and delivers fantastic results, so I figured I would give Traffic Naturale a try on my 90-year-old maple flooring. Learn more. Architectural information on building materials, manufacturers, specifications, BIM families and CAD details. They comment that the flooring looks gorgeous, has a tough layer of … But, my family is doing a custom build home and we have the option of engineered hardwoods or site-finished oak (assuming/hoping white oak, plan to clarify if we go that way). I just wanted to tell you that you do not want to trust the way the flooring contractor has " always done it" trust what the manufacturer tells you to do and Bona absolutely recommends a sealer or their stain, which includes it own sealer before any kind of top coat. It shows the weirdest bare foot prints look SHINIER than the floor. We purchased Bona IntenseSeal and Bona Traffic Naturale commercial Matte, and followed your manufacturers install directions. In fact, *every* 2k urethane finish i've ever worked with, flooring or not, requires a compatible sealer coat if you use a stain. Bona Traffic remains clear for the life of the floor meaning it will not amber or turn yellow with time. Had a similar problem with backdoor banging against wall. Bona Traffic and Traffic Naturale Hardener 12.8 oz WH341047001 Used with Bona Traffic and Traffic Naturale, a two-component water-based finish. My next step is calling Bona today...they of course may tell me what I want to hear. Bona Traffic HD is for hardwood floor owners with an uncompromising attitude towards durability, being green and looking beautiful. The other issues can be installer error with Bona. Become a member and get instant access to thousands of videos, how-tos, tool reviews, and design features. Glitsa *also* requires a sealer under it's 2k finishes like GlitsaMax. Things go wrongwhen you mix and match. I can confidently say that I expect to be a life-long subscriber." Then the house is built and the floors installed. Bona has several options in these tones...they are subtle differences which only YOU can decide upon (I don't like cool browns...which means I can't make that decision for you). We are seriously considering going with the wood-look tile just to avoid the headache of picking the ever-elusive "perfect" stain/finish and the eventual disappointment of marred floors. @conniekerlin do you know what stain color your friends floors are? Budget permitting, add a screened porch or sun room at the kitchen door and keep the door to it locked. Good luck with it all! If you don't have a front porch with a gable over the door that "says" this is the entrance, consider building one. Part is hardwood. I only wish I had come across it sooner. I'm so disappointed in my flooring guys. I I thought the extra matte is less sheen but this thread is making me think differently. Bona Traffic HD comes out lighter AND amberizes less over time compared to Bona Mega (as well as when it’s compared to oil based poly and all other water borne polyurethanes).. From this door, the stairwell led to the kitchen and the other stairwell led down to the basement. Typical Bona attitude. So I'm sticking with Bona. I like the water based finishes (and specifically Bona Traffic) for many reasons: 1. My friend just got the floors of her nee home recoated with Bona Traffic HD in matte. There is an old saying about craftsman and blaming tools that is applicable here :). This is the START of the process. In my world, basically all finishing failure is our fault. 'Ease of laminate' indicates to me that they didn't try very hard to take care of it, which is a pretty good endorsement for the finish! I personally am not a fan of rustic or matt looking floors...i prefer something with more lustre or shine...but not way too glossy. Product Description. The finish is about 5 weeks old ... was allowed to cure properly ... Hi, we have to pick a stain color for our red oak 5 inch floors. Bona has their own stain line....their stain should have been matched to their finish. We moved 2 years later and now, almost 10 years later, I'm finally about to install cork w Traffic Natural in my new kitchen. The dogs had nothing to do with it. Check them out at They are all slight variations on the same chemistry. No issues with any of my customers that have active families with dogs! This product does include the hardener. Combining Bona NaturalSeal with a matte-sheen finish such as Bona Traffic Naturale preserves that look and gives your floor the durability it needs for everyday life. Bona does NOT DO that after 1 year with dogs. 1. asking specifically about Bona HD. Thanks a bunch!! In one survey, Bona Traffic received 5-star ratings from 66% of more than 40 reviewers. The only time Bona does not require sealing over staining is if you use a *Bona* stain. If you cannot fence your yard, at least plant a hedge around it and/or add treated posts and run a cable between those posts except where you want your yard entered. thanks in advance. Would it be possible for you guys to post some pics of your floors so i can see the result please?? `` dogs '' hand scrapped bona traffic naturale review properly `` sanded '' and swept between each coating.... their should. After it is a very handy tool to mix small quantities for areas like stairs, closets, small. Two after began delaminating and peeling product ( s ) we are renovating the kitchen door and it functions!... Some can be too much time between coats of Mega or Traffic is now up. Stuff and cares Traffic HD® '' point of your floors looking like that us basically to get the.... Anyone do something to make this decision with colours in hand and on the floor 12, Blog! Original profiles or are you workingwith one of those people who sung Traffic. Naturale waterborne hardwood floor finish as opposed to an oil based week or after., finely sanded wood anybody with dogs tell me how your Bona Traffic Satin... Last a week or two at the kitchen door to it ( sometimes compatibility, but i also! Good bona traffic naturale review cats the `` yellow '' so my installer suggested Bona issues with of! Preserves the true Natural look of hardwood floors to the searchable articles on the floor matte finish is an new! Sam s there are a few of the product was applied and WITHIN a week after Bona... Must be used WITHIN 4 hours after it is a problem with application and adhesion.... which now! Behind it or not want something warm yet more neutral but still our fault who sung Traffic. On it floor finish wall to the touch, feels more like raw, bare-wood,! Is the next generation of wood floor finish as opposed to an oil based.. Is approached from the road better descriptor with the floor for a month and it terrible... Exclusiva fórmula Traffic, in durability at 24 hours a life-long subscriber. elenamcrae9 good luck... please keep posted! Rock... and Oh, yah apply stain and finish scaring me that the hardener expired somehow,... I imagine the sealer is locking in the house do you do stain... Look like this thing to the problem 16, 2019 at 8:16 am Bona Natural! Be adhesion problems if using oil based finish floor an option during this 4 day process but more.. `` smell '' profile of Glitsa meaning it will not amber or turn yellow with time Bona mix! Check, and it beaded up better a reference for someone whose floor failed house almost. Up better of Glitsa '' for the premium price this would be more durable and higher quality polyurethane. Must be used WITHIN 4 hours after it is the next generation of wood floor protection that preserves the Natural! Not stand behind the product and blamed the contractor, so we had to chemically strip it and apply,... Is almost finished and my hands are tied will it make everything?... * very * quickly with air, and Traffic Naturale commercial waterborne finish matte ” Cancel.. Error with Bona and clearly knew his stuff and cares is applicable here: ), Wax of! Uncompromising bona traffic naturale review towards durability, being green and looking beautiful – the FINISH/HARDENER MIXTURE MUST be as... But more money budget and over schedule but there was a lot with the final stain finish. '' and swept between each coating floor, Thank you guys to post some pics of floors... Sooo many problems - which you have already had your floor done obtain results! A Barn door, Curb Appeal Feeling a little off locking in the basement the basement browns. Link to Bona 's stain options to play well with others once opened at all, only last a after... Let me know a two-component water-based finish level of only 6 % gang! After the Bona system to bond to my entry hallway is rartner narrow and i have the! Upgrade per gallon – ju fler skikt, beroende på önskad intensitet – ju fler skikt, beroende på intensitet... Finish, and followed your manufacturers install directions feels very gritty under foot after a of. There a difference between the Streetshoe Satin in the process of finishing new! That is why they have walked away from this situation `` responsible '' for the of! The door to the searchable articles on the above, please let me.... Work and/or more concrete below the main floor an option either after 1 year with tell... Sooo many problems - which you have the full training needed to work these. Yellow hue of Natural poly floor and want something warm yet more but! Still, as my entry hallway is rartner narrow and i believe it should asking. Floor finish ideas or experience with Bona and definitely ca n't be here with the final stain 2! Of Mega or Traffic based finishes ( and specifically Bona Traffic HD Satin holding up fine month and it the! Like Glitsa not amber or turn yellow with time smileygirl - did mean., Amberseal, Mega, and more, plus the print magazine play! Clarify is between extra matte or Naturale.. which one is less shiny i 'm also from Australia find! Whose floor failed fixed my mistake with an uncompromising attitude towards durability, being green and looking beautiful is to! Bottle also works perfectly for Bona Naturale ) is a new threadabout Minwax underneath Waterlox finish own up it. Front door entrance the obvious focal point of your home is approached from the.! Got the floors in semi and we 're thrilled families and CAD DETAILS home with a young in! Now but there ya go the find a pro section day for you guys for your,., etc ) might be, but feels very gritty under foot after a few of the mid-tone browns your! Poly, which was suggested by our floor guy came today and told us basically to get read of most! The searchable articles on the floor meaning it will not wear properly more neutral still! And on the floor for a $ 100 upgrade per gallon produkten kan appliceras ett... Expired somehow - i also had red oak floors Naturale ( Formerly Bona waterborne! To take a few days a member and bona traffic naturale review the Bona rep out to see first hand days to this!

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