About me

I’m Linda Harmsen, born in Amsterdam on the 12th of may 1984. I am a hairstylist based in Poortugaal The Netherlands and I have a great passion for hair. A specially braids, updo’s, long hair styling and highlighting. Besides that I’m a big make-up lover, and I always want to try new things!

I want to take you with me on my journey to become more happy and enjoy things more. I will share my passion, my hobby’s and my road trips!

It’s hard for me to categorize LindaHarmsen.com, is it about lifestyle, friendship, hair tutorials, beauty products, traveling? It will be about all of these subjects, a place to open up and be yourself. I love to share my passion and experiences with you!

I love to share other peoples stories as well, look at the “Inspiration tab” on this website. Do you want to tell your story, and do you want me to share it? Send me an email!