Volumize and curl extra long hair

A review and tutorial in one video! I always get so many compliments when I use this tool!

I am talking about the Irresistible Me Moonstone, that works like the Curl Secret but also uses steam to add shine and moisture to your hair

I want to show you how it works and what the end result is like! It does take a long time (1 hour) so I decided to playback to a few of my favorite songs, call me crazy but I was having the best time!

Side note: it takes a long time to make the curls, but you will have curls for days. I did my hair on Monday and I took this picture Wednesday night. I always sleep with a loose bun.

Day 3

Curling with a bottle

Curling with a bottle and a blowdryer, it looks so simple in the viral video’s on Facebook. But is it really that simple? And will the curls actually stay in your hair the entire day? I will test it out so you don’t have to!

And believe me, I struggled making this video, I have tried different technics, different bottles, different settings on my blowdryer and different styling products. It was fast but not easy, and an end result I am not living for!

Did I do something wrong, please let me know if I did! Have you already tried it, did it work on your hair?

This video includes a mini braid tutorial as well!

5 minute updo

Yes, I have a hair tutorial for you today! It was so much fun to film an updo for you and I hope you like to watch it. I decided to show you a easy and fast updo. This hairstyle is great for a party or for prom, but you can turn this into a day-style worn with jeans and a leather jacket! Don’t copy, just use this video as inspiration and make it your own!

Have you tried this hairstyle at home? I would love to see pictures, send a picture on my social media or email me!

I love hair

I’m a hairstylist from the Netherlands and I have a great passion for long hair. I have made a lot of hair tutorials for my Dutch Youtube channel, all about braids, updo’s, and styling. I will post my looks here in this section, and share my salon work with you.

I didn’t like to do highlights when i first started as a hairstylist, but seeing the change you can make to not only someones hair but also someones confidence, I actually have grown to love it. Maybe more then anything else.

I did discover the best silver shampoo I’ve ever used, it looks like a toner after one wash. And the best part of it all? It’s cheap! Fanola No Yellow. #NoAd