All my road trip video’s are live, I’m so sad that it is really over for this year. I can’t wait until next year September to go back to the USA for new adventures.

I wanted to make a recap of everything that we have seen this year. What locations are beautiful, what is the place to go to for the best food, where are the nicest beaches, what cities did I like and what are cool activities.

I will answers every question in just 4 minutes!

Do you have suggestions for next year? Please let me know!


This was our last day in the USA and I felt sad to leave. We drove around and looked at the most gorgeous Florida houses, we went to the mall and ate some Chick-fil-a. (so yummy)

We had a long plane ride back to the Netherlands and we had a layover at Frankfurt Germany. We had to get out of the plane and walk to a bus, I had never experienced that on previous flights.

There will be one more road trip video on wednesday, that video will show all the places and activities that I highly recommend. Enjoy this video!


This was such a fun day, and unfortunately almost the end of our trip. We enjoyed another beach day at the beautiful beaches of Clearwater, and we tried to some up every ray of sunshine before going home.

We had something fun planned in the afternoon, a baseball game! You can not go to the USA without attending a sports game. It was so much fun and our seats were at a perfect spot in the Tropicana Field Stadium. Unfortunately the Rays lost, but I love watching al the fans screaming and yelling. I hope you will enjoy this video!


Another day at the beach in Clearwater! I miss summer already and its not even november yet!

This won’t  be a boring vlog! We will visit a Super target, enjoy the beautiful beaches of Clearwater, we will do a little bit of shopping at a huge Surf Style shop in Clearwater and we will have the worst dinner ever at a Greek restaurant! We actually had to go to Mac Donald’s to get a milk shake to get rid of that awful taste! LOL.


This is the last morning we are waking up to the most beautiful view ever in our seaside room in Panama City. Today is another travel day, and this is also our last travel day! Today we are taking a 6 hour drive to Tampa Clearwater.

Clearwater is our favorite place to be in Florida. We love the beautiful beaches and lovely sea with nice, warm and clear water.

The Tampa hotel is nice, but the view is not as beautiful as our room in Panama city beach. But wait until you see the view when we walk outside towards the water…it definitely makes up for the view in our room!

We decided to eat at Whisky Joe’s, a super cool restaurant with a beach bar! Enjoy!


This is our second day in Panama city beach, it’s like a dream to wake up in a beachside hotel. The views, I will never get enough of that!

Today is a beach day, enjoying the sun, the sea and the swimming pool! I’m working on my tan while the boys are playing soccer on the beach.

We are eating at Texas Roadhouse again because it’s so good! And I’m shopping my favorite brand t-shirts; Simply Southern.



Road trip number 8 is now ready to watch! This is the day we traveled from New Orleans to Panama city beach.

We were supposed to go to a Buccaneers game, but something went wrong with the tickets, will we be able to go to the game after all?

We arrived in Panama city, we had a room with the best view ever! A view on the beautiful beach and gorgeous sea!

We ate at Texas roadhouse, if you ever have the opportunity to eat at a Texas roadhouse, do it!


This was such a fun day! We started the day with a walk on the New Orleans River walk and we decided to buy tickets for a battlefield cruise on the Great Mississippi River aboard the Paddlewheeler Creole Queen. It was a 2 and half hour boat trip and I especially liked the way back. The guy asked us if we would like to hear more about  hurricane Katrina, he told the story, so interesting, the guy is really talented and I could have listened to him for hours. Everyone on the boat was quiet and was listening to his story.

After the boat trip it was time for dinner, we ate at Gordon Biersch for the second time since we arrived in New Orleans the day before.

And then it was time for New Orleans night life at Bourbon street. What an experience that was! So many (drunk) people, breakdancers, people making music, cocktails,  people trowing necklaces, vampire tours, homeless people and a lot of cops! We ordered a famous cocktail named the handgranade, a tropical drink, I love it!

Back at the hotel we joint a group of guys that were there for a bachelor party. Mischa was named Michael G-String within minutes. (still don’t know why tho.) I laughed so hard, drunk but so funny!

I would love to go back someday!


A new video is here! Another day, another travel day. We drove from Houston to New Orleans. But we made some stops as well.

The stop I liked the most was at Lake Charles, we even spotted a little gator! A homeless man came up to us  and started to talk to us. He asked for food. I told him I had an can of nuts in the car and I could go and get it for him. But he said: “No thank you ma’am” I thought by myself: “You want food and when I offer you food, you say: no thanks??” But he continued and told me that he had no teeth. Ok, that is actually  a good reason, that’s kinda difficult. At least he had a six pack of Corona Beer, so he wouldn’t get thirsty.

We arrived at the Hilton in New Orleans, a beautiful hotel, with a direct entrance into a huge shopping mall. And the best part: a view on the Mississippi river!

It was finally time for dinner at 10.30 that night, so hungry!!

Enjoy the  video!


Today was a travel day, we drove from Dallas to Houston. I was kind of sad to leave Dallas, we had so much fun!

We had some stops during our road trip and went into some real Texan shops as well and we loved to look at all the different products that were for sale in those stores!

We had a very nice view from our hotel room and the room itself was perfect! We went into downtown Dallas, ate at the Hard Rock Café Houston and tried a Hurricane cocktail!   I hope you will enjoy this video!