We are back from our road trip! We have seen a lot of different cities and we saw the most beautiful beaches! I took the camera with me to make a road trip vlog. Watch my travel vlog every monday and tuesday at 12am central time. (1 pm eastern,  10 am west, 19.00 in the Netherlands)  Here is a preview I would love to share with you!!

USA Roadtrip

YES! We are going to America, again!

We will start our road trip soon, but I will not edit any footage while I’m in the USA. The video’s will go live in the third week of september. Keep an eye on this blog.

Can’t wait? Follow me on my social media! Snaps, Instastories and Facebook posts will start sunday the second of sebtember!

Working backstage at a Kevin Murphy show

I followed a Kevin Murphy session salon training in Rotterdam The Netherlands. This is a course that you can follow everywhere in the world.

The people at Kevin Murphy tell you everything that there is to know about their products. They also showed us very cool catwalk looks and they gave us the challenge to make every look within 20 minutes.

We even slept in the Hilton hotel in Rotterdam!

On the very last day we learned how to give a good presentation in front of a audience. And to complete the course, we had to style a model, give her a look that we could create with the new technics we learned at Kevin Murphy and we actually  had give a presentation in front of a real audience! Thank you for watching!

Question of the week is: This week was a week to get out of my comfort zone, what is something that is scary for you?

Vegetarian fake meat and Beyonce Heat Rush

My second video is live!

I love to share another day with you. Another hot summer day!

I’m showing you one color of the NYX Powder puff range, and I buy and try different vegetarian fake meat products. Do you ever eat vegetarian food, and what is your favorite?

I love to cut my t-shirts, I like some shirts better like that! Have you ever cut your shirts? I show you how I do it!

I also found one of my favorite parfums (Beyonce Heat Rush) for a bargain! And I bought flip flops for our road trip that is coming very very soon!

I’m a happy girl!

Question of the week: what is your favorite drink? Mine is Pepsi Max!

A day out of the life of a Dutch girl

My very first video in English! So exciting and a little scary.

In this video I share a hot summer day at home with you! I am doing some shopping. My two cats have a star-appearance in this video, and I’m setting up the pool in our backyard. I’m using cellulite cubs for the first time, so painful! But to they work?

I bought new shoes:

And got my nails done:

A lot of pink as you can see! Lol. Watch my first video on my channel and let me know what you think.

What do you want to see next?

Question of the week: Where are you from?