This is my first beauty blog, and what a way to start! I want to talk about injectables; botox and fillers. Nowadays a lot of people are still very much against injectables and I do understand why they are so against it. Even I think of people that are doing to much filler in there lips, and using botox in large amounts.

I have hated my frown for over 10 years. Not only do I hate the way it looks, it also gives me headaches, especially at the and of a long day of work.

The doctor also suggested to inject some botox in my eyebrows to change the shape a little bit. (Did you even know that was possible?)

I heard about a technic to get rid of acne scars and really wanted to try that one out! The doctor uses fillers to make the scars less visible. Unfortunately this technic didn’t work out the way I hoped it would. (I will tell you more about it in my video)

There was some filler left and the doctor used it for the fine lines around my mouth, and I love the result!

Watch my video to see before and afters. I will give you updates and I even took my camera into the injectables clinic to film the actual treatment.