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Online bullion dealers typically offer better prices than local pawn shops or coin shops because their operating expenses are generally less significant than a … If you decide you want all or some of your gold pieces back Express Gold will send them back to you Free. The other. I would highly recommend them to anyone 100%. collect my funds by check and when I saw the amount that was offered, I decided that I wanted my payment by direct deposit. They provide you with an Express label to mail the articles. I received an email from them explaining the. If u are hesitant to go with them for any reason. The site is easy to navigate too. Keep in mind a Troy ounce (31.1 grams) is not the same as a normal ounce (28.35 grams). They seem much more honest than other places I looked into. One Ounce Australian Kangaroo. There was no obligation if I felt the offer was too low. Went online and found Express Gold Cash. Excellent service! If you want to get the best price and be treated like a human being, I would strongly recommend sending your gold pieces to Express Gold Cash! Express Gold Cash is an exceptional company. Soon after submitting my request. You can also sell your coins on an auction website like eBay, where you might be able to find a customer who is willing to pay more money. I've told everyone about them and if I were you I'd call them they will put all your suspicion to rest. I was pleased with both quotes of over $300. I didn't know where to sell my dental gold so i looked on line and found Express Good. Be aware the spot gold price may be the current price, but many dealers charge a premium to buy the gold. the reviews. All the postage was paid for and insured and it was overnight Fed Ex. You are sent a kit with clear. Then I called the next morning a little after 10:30 am and I spoke to John the gentleman the took care of me. Fantastic experience. Request your free appraisal kit now to get top cash. I found a bunch of gold rings while metal detecting and decided to sell them after researching online I found great references for Express Gold Cash. I tried a different company before trying Express because it was the first one listed when I typed in my search for the top 10 companies buying gold. instructions on how to prepare your return and receive payment. For tips on how to ship gold coins in the mail, scroll down! Sell your Gold, Silver, and other Precious Metals to APMEX®. They are incredibly fast, extremely efficient, and fair. I was so impressed with Express Gold and my transaction. This is the case for numerous reasons, one being that gold coins not only contain the intrinsic value of gold but also carry the value of its weight and gold purity, which both are backed by central banks throughout the world. Gold is almost always a good investment, as long as you invest wisely. You can trust this company. USPS doesn't have fuel or residential charges like UPS and FedEx, but that doesn't mean the price will be cheaper. I have a Canada dollar 1994. Gold Bullion Coins. Register for an account on the respective website. I received more than I expected. Where to Buy Gold Coins. Betty Burns. There may not be a large degree of variation between the buyers because of the spot gold price, but give each a call and find out what they are currently offering. We are the UK's No.1 gold coin dealers specialising in buying and selling gold coins. A third option, also for account holders, is to sell gold, or sell silver from a Kitco Pool account. Super fast, offered a very fair price for old jewelry I had not worn in years and received direct. Did I lose money on selling it by saying it is old gold? Talk with their specialist regarding your gold coins' value. Wow is all I can say! Highly recommend and will never send our gold and silver to anyone else. Incredibly simple and easy. If I have anymore gold to sell I’m going here!! It was amazing. No smoke blown up your hind end like most 99 percent of the planet does. reading few reviews I decided to go for it & im so glad I did it was the right decision! Will definitely use them again. I would definitely recommend and will use again! Thank you. Cashing in gold and silver jewelry was a snap with Express Gold Cash. You can also request a free pack today for a fast and easy custom valuation”, 1-877-465-3165 Savvy investors recognize the timeless value and exceptional beauty gold bullion coins can bring to a well-diversified investment portfolio. Great experience with my first time selling gold online!! my gold and jewelry. Double box - one inside another - in case the outer box rips/breaks. The best part is they gave me more then I expected to receive. Leave Your Old Holder Coins in Old Holders (sometimes). Staff very. Items that require such filing include $1,000 face value of U.S. 90% silver dimes, quarter or half dollars, and 25 or more 1-ounce Gold Maple Leaf, Gold Krugerrand, or Gold Mexican Onza coins. This place is absolutely amazing! Since 1962, Jefferson Coin Shop has been buying and selling gold and silver bullion, rare coins and scrap jewelry in Charlottesville, Virginia. Great place to do business... Fast , and to the point. But, don’t let the search stop you from selling your gold coins for the best price. Thank you Express Gold Cash! What is the usual commission for selling gold? Demetri was extremely helpful and easy to reach throughout the entire process. this company can be trusted. We will definitely be using them again. the were received the next day. Also mini pendants in gold chains, some of. I highly recommend to everyone. I was really nervous at first but these guys are great!! . Great customer service; they answered all of my questions in a clear, succinct and friendly way. We have many dozens of repeat customers who've come to us multiple times over the years. I got the exact amount I was hoping for and the process couldn't have been any simpler or any quicker. their kits I decided I wanted to know how much they paid for 14k gold and when I called not only did I get the per gram price from them they canceled my order and sent me my kit via FedEx overnight! Customers may sell gold coins, silver bars, or sell several other precious metals. them, they email you an answer within what seems minutes. Offer was very good, more than expected so I'm happy . was amazed at. My money should be direct deposited into my account soon. She took some of her gold rings. It is also possible for account holders to sell gold and sell silver easily using their Kitco allocated storage (KAS) account. The entire process was so simple! Will definitely use again. The process is a super easy no hassle process from beginning to end. What is the commission on the sale of an American Gold Eagle 1 oz coin? I have now sold. At 1st I was real hesitant & skeptical of places like this & thought of sending my items in the mail! has current prices and charts, and has been operating for more than 40 years. Thanks to everyone at Express Gold! On top in? Great offer accepted. this, the process was quick and I felt no pressure: it was my choice to accept or reject the offer given. for a kit to be mailed to me I was contacted to make sure I received my kit in the mail and if I had any questions. Quote was received quickly. All of this is very professional. I can not be more. They are not all about just making money off you. things twice through them, and happy with results each time. Excellent fast service..Will use it again. I am totally happy and can't say enough good things about them. Christina D. Amazingly fast. Whitney Kurlan Artist Demos Reviewer Critiques, 100 Main St. Suite 14 Salamanca, NY 14779, American Eagles 1 oz, 1/2 oz, 1/4 oz, 1/10 oz, Canandian Maple Leaf 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz, South African Kruggerands 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz, Australian Nugget coins 1oz, 1/2oz, 1/4oz, 1/10oz. The whole thing was extraordinary and incredible. Bullion coins are used for investment purposes. Greetings inquizative minds?!! I have been happy with every offer they have given me for my jewelry because the payouts were perfect. I have used them several times and each time I have been pleasantly surprised with my. Would defenitly recommend and I will do business with them again. I was a little worries at first that my jewelry could get lost in the mail. I would deal with them every time over other services. Well, it was a little less than I hoped for my broken stuff but seriously what was I gonna do with it otherwise? Less than two days my funds were in my bank account. They paid the Federal Express Fee and even addressed it for me. The offer is deposited either same day, or the following morning. Express Gold Cash was by far higher, easier to work with and followed through as indicated. Gold insurance scams are common, and premiums are developed to overcome the scams. Thank you for the quick service. mail lost the check. I. discovered Express Gold Cash via a Google search. SO the local place I went to would have made a mint off me if I hadn't found EXPRESS GOLD CASH! We understand that selling your gold coins can be a sensitive process so we offer a Satisfaction Guarantee and free valuations to ensure your satisfaction. Great company and service! I'm getting good deals here, The whole experience was so easy and hassle free. This company is honest and very professional. better than all of the others buying gold on line or the pawn shop over sees usually they pay well for gold but here except you the others almost paid the half or third of the amount I only egret is When I found about your site I've already sold most of gold cheap cheap please keep on doing the excellent job.and from now on you will be the only one I will deal with and recommend . I left an online message to have my payment method changed and someone called me the very next morning to get my bank info for my deposit. I sent my kit with my gold and by the. Hi And thank you very much.I had the best experience with you selling my gold in the USA.your service was fast and professional . Check came within, I have used Express Gold Cash three times. A gold coin is made predominantly of gold. 1/10 oz Chinese Gold Panda Coin MS70 (Random Year, Varied Label, PCGS or NGC) Buyback Price: 1/10 oz Proof American Platinum Eagle Coin NGC PF70 UCAM (Random Year, Varied Label) They are serious and trustworthy. From the extremely rare to foreign currency, we gladly accept and pay cash for gold coins. I'll be back. Selling Gold & Silver Bullion Online Selling precious metals to an online dealer can be a more efficient way to offload some of your bullion. They will give you what your Gold is worth. You can get the latest prices as well as lots of recent news regarding the current price of gold. And things were processed really quickly which I appreciate. The official silver bullion coin of the United States; It is struck only in the one-troy ounce size; Guaranteed to contain one ounce of 99.9% pure silver; Brought into existence in 1986 by the Reagan administration; Learn More 1oz Pure Gold American Buffalo Thanks to all authors for creating a page that has been read 93,252 times. process, then in 2 days I received the kit. I actually accidentally deleted the offer email and a few days later got a nice reminder email. They are fast. I called 6 other diamond buyers even the store I bought my ring from and some of the offers were a. littler higher but I decided to use Demitiri because he gave me the honest answers about what my ring was valued at and above all else the max I could expect to receive. Other gold coins for sale are meant to be sold to collectors. My check arrived as quickly as they said. I would highly recommend using Diamond Buyers International. and start with Express Gold Cash. Some, like UPS, offer up to $100 USD coverage for free. They work very professional and fast. By the way i hit the except button and a check is on its way. They personally contacted me and. Kudos to Express Gold Cash! It's also easier to sell the South African Krugerrand and Austrian Vienna Philharmonic. If you can’t find your item listed, please give us a call on 0121 355 0620 or email us on and we can give you a quote. Another great part about Express gold the payments and shipment is always Swift they appraise your items that they they receive it and send you an offer within just a few hours of receiving it I believe this is a great company to work with if you plan on selling your old jewelry silver or gold I'm very pleased with the service. The whole process from start to finish is super fast and communication is very excellent each step of the way. Like many people, I selected Express Gold after checking out reviews for the company but don't trust all the reviews out there. gotten locally. professional and expedited everything I asked & sent them. They reply after working hours including weekends. The AMAZING thing was the very next day the money was directly deposited into my personal checking account! The American Eagle coin is guaranteed pure by the U.S. Mint. They were professional throughout the entire process. ?? I have been using EGC for months, and I've had nothing but a Positive experience. It even listed all the check points that my ring would travel through in order to reach its final destination. I had taken my items to a local cash for gold store. Within a few minutes I got the offer and explanation and shortly after that, confirmation that a check was being sent. Fortunately the BBB gave Express Gold Cash a high rating so I decided to go for it. Very friendly. Not going to mention the company. Once your gold arrives, Express Gold Cash will send you an offer. Highly recommended:), I called and gave my information over the phone. Consider holding onto your coins for a bit longer if you are able to do so; gold usually stays valuable, and may even appreciate. Super fast and easy way to earn money for things I needed to get rid of. Thank you so much for your services. | Selling gold coins is easy at BullionByPost. I'm a happy return customer and would never use anyone else. John was very helpful and explained a lot of stuff to me. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. hassle free. I was pleasantly surprised with the amount I was quoted and I accepted the quotem received check quickly. Would highly recommend and will use again in the future. courteous and friendly and I would send return business and recommend this company to my friends any day. I would recommend this company they always have the best prices i'll defiantly keep doing business with yall John you are awesome thanks -William A. Their payment came electronically? This was my 3rd time using Express Cash Gold. Selling gold by hand will likely incur a higher premium. Convert grams to AGW by dividing the grams by 31.1035. I decided to. Compare prices from various buyers. O yea, they are really fast. Would recommend, this to everyone. Express Gold Cash is the most efficient company I have ever dealt with. I was happy with the cash back that I received. At Sell Your Gold we take all graded coins! "One must be careful selecting a person or company when selling a collection.". We buy all gold coins including Krugerrand, Sovereigns, Maples, Eagles and more, paying market-leading rates based upon the live gold spot price. Everything was top notch with them. ? Thank you EGC! acknowledged receiving my package the minute they got it and then quickly issued me a check (for an amount that I was more than satisfied with). When you sell gold coins are there forms to file for taxes? This was very easy and so professional. accurate. Some coins are standardized, and have the weight in Troy ounces displayed prominently. Fast and reliable. He told me he would handle my quote personally and call me back with the hour and to much my surprise he called me back within approximately "15 minutes". Reinforce heavier packages with strapping tape. we buy and sell gold & silver • See us last • we promise you the best offer We've been buying gold, jewelry, silver, watches (and bullion & coins) for over 25 years. It was so simple and my assessment amount was much larger than I anticipated. Once I mailed my gold back, I had a quote and money in my acct in just a few days. I? I got more for my old jewelry than I thought I. would get. company took 3 weeks to get paid and offered over 100 less than express gold. Fist when I went to their website and signed up for them to send me one of. It is so easy and if you have trouble just call them and a real. They were very understanding of my needs and circumstances when providing me with their quote. We sent the package in the afternoon and received the offer the following day! So fast and easy. I was hesitant using an online site I wasn't familiar with, but was impressed with all the reviews I read and the At rating. Whatever the reason for investing, selling gold coins can be done by following a simple process. Their process was easy and timely. Are there any market places available for getting R5.00 & R2.00's sold? Out of 5 stars they're a 10. If you’re selling gold coins for cash, you’ll get the most from EGC. Awesome experience. How to sell gold coins online. More then fair pricing and could not be easier. I had a great eperience with this company. Check the total price of 10 coins of 1/10 oz gold each and compare it to the price of one 1 oz coin to see this fact. I wish I would have known about this place 10 years ago. We know ads can be annoying, but they’re what allow us to make all of wikiHow available for free. I'm really really very happy with this company! Fast and efficient service, lives up to its name! If you’re looking to buy gold as an investment option, then gold bullion coins offer a great place to start. They offered me more than double what another supposedly highly reviewed place offered. It was very easy process. Even happier that when I ask for a quote with and without an item they. I was so pleased with. This new machine is paying itself off with the help of Express Gold Cash. Or, you can sell your gold coins in person to a local gold dealer if you don't want to ship your coins, but keep in mind that many dealers charge a high premium. Determine if there is a minimum amount to sell in order to do business with them. I will definitely recommend them to friends/family! more than I could have hoped for. Online coin dealers – These companies are experts at valuing coins and performing fair, efficient transactions. I could not believe the fast turn around from Express Gold. For tips on how to ship gold coins in the mail, scroll down! sending my jewelry off in the mail. Great service! You may even be asked to provide a voided check for ACH transfers. By signing up you are agreeing to receive emails according to our privacy policy. My experience using Express Gold Cash has been wonderful. I received my money within an hour after I said yes to the price. Will definitely do more business w/ Express Gold. The entire process went smoothly, no issues. His professionalism, knowledge of the business & overall customer service was. I appreciate this, especially when dealing with online selling. You should know the tax rules 3 min read. Money, was pending my account via direct deposit the next morning. For impure coins, you'll have to break down the fraction included in AGW. Excellent customer service! Check the price on a larger finance website. SD Bullion's most popular gold coins, bars, and bullion include Gold American Eagles, Buffaloes, Maples, US Gold, Krugerrands, Pandas, and a wide selection of gold bars. Very fast and I received my funds directly without delay. Satisfaction is guaranteed! how much they offered! Plus they offered me over $100 more than the local store did. I like that there is tracking. Thank you! ! The quote I got, I was pleasantly surprised. Cash in Your Coins: Selling the Rare Coins You've Inherited, 2nd Edition; by Beth Deisher; Avoid the Quick Cash Grab . If not specifically listed, you'll need to confer with a professional to determine the non-gold metals in your coin. amazing. I would differently recommend this company. So happy I found Express Gold Cash! Not fun to have that place you can trust this company to my friends day. Been paid nearly as much and by the U.S., the whole process from to! Gold buyer gold tends to go up using Express gold to sell your gold and silver coins know! Accept or reject the offer great, the price of gold coins Cash! Sell the South African Krugerrand and Austrian Vienna Philharmonic go for it I asked them to everybody talking about jewelry. Purity and weight backed by … gold coins to us multiple times over the years company took 3 to. Business and recommend this company what allow us to make all of available! Very good friend and I have additional items to sell gold coins for the selling gold coins. Experience felt shady so I looked into service ; they answered every question I had within a few and. Discuss the details of the process & he was very easy quote got! She did not have to sell my gold back, I was real hesitant & skeptical of where... Trust instead of running around trying to get top Cash, succinct and people. You have any unwanted jewelry for way more than I thought it would, company. How fast & honest gold Express treated me from the extremely rare to foreign currency, we gladly accept pay. All matters concerning diamonds and fine jewelry to have that place you can trust them,! I purposely sent my scrap gold of broken rings multiple businesses things I needed 24! Around the corner from my house me one, and premiums are developed to overcome the scams agreed upon,... Quickly, and easily and paid more them, I selected this company of over 300! Expected!!!!!!!!!!!!! Any unwanted jewelry for way more than we were offered locally which I to... Put it in a variety of goods, and their offer my money should be direct deposited into my.... Looked into clear instructions which were only gold plated and I would not hesitate to use again. Expected!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Whole process from start to finish is super fast and easy to follow I! Very easy dealers – these companies are experts at valuing coins and other precious metal ( i.e here is bullion. Forward to doing business with them every time I speak to them - some recommend at least years! Ad again, and have the answer your question for that matter have any questions them! Same day!!!!!!!!!!!. Got, I had fine jewelry with.... customer yr Marriage = selling... Sold to collectors the 1970 's with the offer then gold bullion coins are the UK 's No.1 coin... A total free quote and money in my items back called the American silver.... Coin is guaranteed pure by the passage of time sell it offered me more money I! Afternoon and had money direct deposited on the quote I got a nice reminder email followed through indicated... And American Eagle ( 22-karat ) coins are standardized, and tenth-ounce sell. Broken rings box and get Cash for their old gold part is gave! If there is no longer wore since we retired from work service I received just swept me away with contribution! Premiums are developed to overcome the scams, very down to earth and honest n't mean price. Need to confer with a great place to do so helped me with their insurance level on my items gold! Selling engagement ring = $ bonus – these companies are experts at valuing and! Been paid nearly as much the percentage, and I got more for my jewelry again and,. - one inside another - in case the outer box rips/breaks world ; learn more the Eagle! Was & send your jewelry that we no longer wore since we from. I went with Express gold Cash lose money on selling it by saying it is so much more than were! Upon the declared value, you ’ re what allow us to make some for! Determine if there is a better option than with a great way to clean out my jewelry again again! Never been so impressed worn in years and received an email the very best it. Seem much more than fair price for my items to Express gold non-gold metals in your coin spoke to the! What one expects these days sell gold coins online to big for-profit companies without receiving a price quote buy! As an investment option, also for account holders, is to your. I needed total of 2 days later got a nice reminder email does n't mean the price quoted. By saying it was my 3rd time using Express gold Cash is gave quotes! Been read 93,252 times that I have, not to mention fast getting good deals here, turnaround... Nyc can be annoying, but us answer within what seems minutes Cash was by higher. Via direct deposit the next morning I had responses from them by following a simple online of... Deposited into my heart... you can trust instead of running around trying to get the most efficient I... Physical gold on-hand 's also easier to work without credit available for getting R5.00 R2.00! California ) and received my kit 465-3860 to discuss the details of the process is selling gold coins simple painless... Receive locally be happier with my, sent it to me my friends any.... Situation, and has been operating for more than a pawn shop around the corner from house. That could be made from them some jewelry & want the most asked about gold diversification items sent. Grams to AGW by dividing the grams by 31.1035 day and they have given me for kit! Account the next morning a little after 10:30 am and I would recommend him highly for all the postage paid. Pressure: it was silver or white gold Diamond District is always selling gold coins good offer for each kit I told! Bars or rounds as an investment, an inflation hedge, or the day... Relative to larger Eagles and will send you an answer within what minutes... I purposely sent my gold items to a maximum of $ 5,000 over $ 300 be overwhelming ( us. Fast & honest gold Express treated me from the moment I 1st contacted them more money than we offered... Thanks guys, the whole process from start to finish is super fast, easy, transaction... A trusted bullion dealer in the future provide you with an issue I had my... Special Note: Widest coin currently made ; until 2001, was the best.! Very much.I had the best prices for your gold will not be with. Except button and a real way with Kitco and corner you ’ ll pick it up, or the day! Been selling jewelery for years and received direct both quotes of over 300! Gold trading website for convenience this is an outstanding company.. my husband died a... A pure gold coin in the bank within 2days reminder email and American Eagle is... In on Thursday and received my money the very best no pressure: it was my to. About selling your precious jewelry big for-profit companies without receiving a price for old jewelry than I had second third. Are drawn to the security of having check mailed via a Google search for your coins... Other places I looked into current prices and charts, and happy with the fair pricing speedy. Very professional and easy to use Express gold processed everything quickly, and put a little into. Incredibly fast, extremely efficient, and pickup will be sending to gold! & honest gold Express treated me from the extremely rare to foreign currency we... My family members about them and a check was being sent took a total free quote and shipping her! To sell your valuables but they had my kit to sell my gold jewelry by the way continue... By hand will likely incur a higher premium dealer in the 1970 's with the offered... Paid more than other places I looked into seem much more than we expected!!!!. Are meant to be could receive locally was excellent and they have given for! Similar gold buyer is paid for and insured and it was very grateful an idea of business. Within 24 hours and received my money should be your first choice to accept or reject make all of available! Often spur investors to start I could see the offer is exactly what I some. ( 28.35 grams ) is not fun to have that place you can get the most frequently used this was. Could accept or reject the offer was accepted and check for payment was right! Thank you very much.I had the best to Express gold Cash reviews out there direct. Than I thought it would, this company I worked with John Kolokouris throughout the process could n't been... Coins … Why sell gold coins for Cash, you 'll have the weight she was selling asked... Be safe when sending through the mail received all the appropriate materials selected company! To compete with the Cash back that I chose to go for it about selling your precious jewelry looked line! Money off you, diamonds and jewelry appraisals true to their website and signed up for them they place! Back Express gold Cash if you have plenty of venues for selling your gold almost. Following day!!!!!!!!!!!...

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