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The Sony A8H supports most common resolutions, but it gets a bit complicated when it comes to 1440p. KD-65A85 06/01/2021 by PJF1 (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified. 65-inch (Sony XBR-65A8H), MSRP $2,799.99. Only one disappointment with the supplied remote as it's very basic voice remote (hence 1 less star) I would have liked Sony to provide a better premium remote with backlit as standard for such a premium tv. The TV looks and feels premium all-around. The TV is a mix of metal and plastic. The Sony A8H is an excellent TV for watching sports. Additionally, like all OLED TVs, there's a risk of permanent burn-in. KD-55A85 03/01/2021 by Dazio (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified. Brilliant picture and sound. I’ll leave the techy stuff for others but this is a brilliant piece of kit. The most disappointing thing is that having the 4k picture resolution is squandered, because the TV will not play UHD from BBC iPlayer. I would edit this review in the future or write another once there has been a firmware for this. My main concern before purchasing was reflection but honestly, unless watching in the middle of the day it hasn't been an issue at all and I have the set positioned opposite a window. Best purchase of a TV and although expensive worth every penny. Website use T&CsTerms and conditions of salesPrivacy policy. Enabling Smooth Gradation removes most of it; however, there's still some banding in the greens. Hi all, I am looking to purchase a 55 inch OLED and narrowed down my choice to Sony A8H (2020) and Sony A9G (2019). It has a low input lag, fast response time, and excellent viewing angles, so the edges of the screen won't look washed out if you sit up close. Update 07/15/2020: We've retested the motion interpolation with different content, and noticed a good amount of artifacts in scenes that have a lot of movement. The A8G has slightly better viewing angles, but not by much. I’ve been waiting for this TV to go on sale! Any kind of content can be upconverted to lifelike 4K resolution with Sony’s unique features. Also, when playing through my Sony PlayStation, the tv doesn’t recognize the input. Even though the Sony A8H doesn't have an HDMI 2.1 port, it supports eARC, which lets you send high-quality audio over an HDMI connection. It supports most common resolutions, except for 1440p, and it can display chroma 4:4:4 properly. There's only a little bit of banding in the darker shades of gray, green, and red. A couple of more reviews have dropped for Sony’s A8H OLED TV, following some that came out last month. Our unit of the A8H was manufactured in April 2020, you can see the label here. KD-55A8 09/01/2021 by Covid was planned (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified. The A8H can interpolate lower frame rate content up to 120fps to make motion look smoother. The EOTF follows the PQ curve almost perfectly, with only some brightening in darker scenes to avoid crushing. Clearly some issues here since I have to restart my TV now to make it work. Also sound is improved with the Sony sound bar. Love my new TV, easy to set up and great to use, picture is fantastic ! Design is appealing to the eye, yet the function is impeded with flaw. The screen has a warp both vertical and horizontal. If you're concerned about the risks of permanent burn-in, then check out the Sony X950H, which is an LED TV. Decent SDR peak brightness. Lower resolution content from cable TV is upscaled well, without any artifacts. KD-55A8 04/01/2021 by PaulC007 (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified, Really great product and bought the Sony sound bar at the same time, xbr65a8h 04/01/2021 by DavefromNJ (USA) Verified Purchaser Verified. Just ordered the 65” A8H with the 5 year warranty from Costco. Great product, KD-55A8 04/01/2021 by jakey9090 (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified. The A8H is Sony’s new entry point for its expanding OLED TV family, but it comes with a cost. Review collected as part of incentivized promotion, KD-65A85 15/12/2020 by JR_uk (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified. If you choose to wall-mount it, it's compatible with Sony's SU-WL855 slim wall-mount. The television quickly identified the Wi-Fi connections available and using the simple keyboard designs allowed for swift input. It can flicker at 60Hz or 120Hz, regardless of the refresh rate of the content, meaning that you can set it to 60Hz or 120Hz flickering in 60fps content, and the same goes for 120fps content. Im so angry I wasted money on this garbage. Fantastic sound and picture. I Bought this TV and it stopped working 5 weeks after I bought it. The opening scene in 'Queens Gambit' produced 2 vertical straight black bands. I should have bought the LG OLED Let me finish by saying Ive only ever bought Sony, but that will now change. The button layout hasn't changed that much, and there are still shortcuts to Netflix and Google Play. To enable motion interpolation, set Cinemotion to 'Auto' and adjust the Smoothness slider to your preference. Also, the A8H has a much faster response time. Update 07/22/2020: We've retested the BFI and can confirm that when playing 24p content, the flickering frequency is 96Hz with the Clearness slider set to '1' or '2', and setting it to '3' lowers it to 48Hz. The frequency response of the Sony A8H is good. Having read all the reviews about oled tv's, I actually can't see what all the fuss is about. The A1 and A9G looked fab but as they kept getting better and cheaper, I waited and waited. The Sony A8H is an excellent TV for watching movies in HDR. Like all OLEDs, it's able to produce perfect blacks, and it doesn't have any issues with blooming since there's no backlight. Amazing picture. Its viewing angles are excellent, so you can walk around doing chores while watching and still get a good-looking picture. Some serious look at the support and documentation is needed. General inquiries and content search work properly, but we weren't able to change certain settings, such as the brightness of the TV. Like the X950H, it has a digital room correction feature that automatically adjusts the frequency response based on your room's acoustics. The Sony A9S OLED and the Sony A8H OLED are nearly identical. Loads of settings, comes with Android TV/ Apple Airplay/ Google Assistant is just an icing on cake. It has a higher SDR and HDR peak brightness, it has better pre-calibration color accuracy, and its input lag is much lower, making it a better option for gaming. You should also let us know what videos you want see, the next one could be one you suggested! HDR content looks good thanks to its wide color gamut and decent peak brightness. I had my last TV for 15 years, there was nothing up with it just decided to upgrade and WOW so glad I did!! There's a risk of permanent burn-in, but it shouldn't be an issue if you watch a varied content. The Sony A8H OLED is marginally better than the Sony A8G OLED for most uses. Outstanding gray uniformity. KD-65A8 08/01/2021 by Bob61 (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified, I bought the Sony 65” A8 OLED two weeks ago and I’m so glad I did, the quality of the picture and sound is amazing, the Sony 55” 4K ultra HDR tv I replaced was really good quality but A8 OLED is at a different class, xbr55a8h 08/01/2021 by Berry M (USA) Verified Purchaser Verified. You can see our recommended settings here. Very happy with my purchase. KD-55A8 02/01/2021 by RPatz13 (United Kingdom). Lovely colours, brilliant sound and images well defined. Any kind of content can be upconverted to lifelike 4K resolution with Sony’s unique features. My Xmas present to myself it’s been a long time coming but well worth the wait. Sony TVs Showing 1-21 of 21 List View. To get the full experience on, please change your settings to allow JavaScript. xbr65a8h 09/01/2021 by PtkGreek (USA) Verified Purchaser Verified. I have had this TV for about a month. It's still easy to navigate, it runs smoothly, and we didn't encounter any issues during testing. I have had this tv for about 2-3 weeks now and Ive had nothing but issues with the inputs. Read countless reviews and watched too many comparison videos to make sure the tv we bought was the right one. Oled, between this and lg,very happy with decision. If you want an OLED TV with VRR support, check out the LG BX OLED. Filter Sort by: Showing 1-21 of 21 Sony Sign In For Price. There's no backlight, so you won't get distracted by any blooming around bright objects. Its response time is almost instantaneous and it has a low input lag; however, gamers might find the lack of variable refresh rate (VRR) support a bit disappointing. The Sony A8H is a great TV for use as a PC monitor. There's not much in terms of cable management; you can only route the cables through the back of the stand. It's an entry-level OLED model that … KD-55A85 05/01/2021 by Sam s (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified, Great product , amazing quality , sound and performance, xbr65a8h 05/01/2021 by Linda T (USA) Verified Purchaser Verified, I bought this a month ago and have been having stressful days and loss of joy as I could not watch programs I followed but the on 12/20 to 1/3 just could not have a TV cable guy come so again no TV, xbr55a8h 04/01/2021 by papa ray (USA) Verified Purchaser Verified. Gamma, color temperature, and white balance are all nearly perfect. Features However, it's possible to force a native 1440p @ 60Hz image, it just displays it with a huge border around. My A8H 65” is an Upgrade from my XBR930 65” Both of these TV’s are fantastic I’ve owned Sony TVs for the past 20 years and have no regrets spend the money and get the quality you expect. Out of the box, the Sony A8H has excellent color accuracy. I bought this a month ago and have found it to have the better quality picture and sound I expected but the lack of a good instruction book was very frustrating when I was trying to set up it's various functions. Replaced an LG 4k TV that was only 2 years old but wasn't as good as I hoped (online purchase). KD-55A8 06/01/2021 by Pete19 (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified, I bought this a month ago and I am very happy with software and picture quality, KD-65A85 06/01/2021 by Andy T877 (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified. If the stuttering bothers you, enabling motion interpolation can help. xbr65a8h 06/01/2021 by Valkyrie 2004 (USA) Verified Purchaser Verified. This means that viewers with seating placed off-axis will still be able to watch TV without any of the issues that degrade picture quality when viewed from wide angles. Secondly, the so called back lit remote is not back lit. Sony’s first two quote-unquote PS5-ready TVs are the X900H and the Z8H, both of which are LED TVs that can display 4K120 content (or will be able to eventually, anyway). It allows you to turn the TV On/Off, change the channel, change the input source, adjust the volume, and restart the TV. It has a fast response time that results in very little motion blur, and it delivers a great HDR experience thanks to its high peak brightness and wide color gamut. It does a good job in slow-moving scenes, but unfortunately, it introduces a lot of artifacts when the action gets intense. Like all OLED TVs, the response time is near-instantaneous, which results in almost no blur trail behind fast-moving objects. You’ve found a tv you’ll be more than happy with. Overall VERY happy. There's a bit of temporary image retention, but it usually goes away after a few minutes. Crystal clear sound system makes viewing realistic, makes you feel like you at the cinema when watching a movie. Usability Access great movies, music and apps from your TV. This new TV makes me think I’ve been watching in black and white for the last 15 years!! $998.00. No regrets on this purchase. KD-65A8 04/01/2021 by Strebor (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified. The distortion performance is okay. Sound has disappeared once and we had to re-boot to factory default. If I had know how good it was going to be I would have thrown away my furniture and bought the bigger version. It delivers excellent picture quality with its infinite contrast ratio and near-instantaneous response time. The sound quality was a surprise, even though we had selected this model that uses the screen as a speaker for its clarity, the overall dynamic range and volume is impressive. There's almost no dirty screen effect, which is great for watching sports. The review has been updated. KD-65A8 05/01/2021 by OLED_Test (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified. There's a bit of stutter when watching lower frame rate content, which is caused by the TV's near-instantaneous response time. That said, it's a very decent upgrade from the A8G. This really should be pointed out and even the Sony rep in store did not know this. No cherry-picked units sent by brands. The Sony A8H comes with Sony's two-way position stand, which has two height settings. Got this because I had to upgrade due to Derict TV making everyone upgrade to high def.Tv, Nothing wrong with my sony Trinitron but had to up grade or do without! I watched the Rtings video comparison, and it seems like the Sony has slightly better picture, while the LG has slightly better sound, a better base and cord management system, and HDMI 2.1. 2 weeks ago, the picture quality is superb, like looking through a window and viewing a seen thoigh it. Update 12/09/2020: We remeasured the accuracy after calibrating our spectroradiometer. Features and specifications are subject to change without notice. It has outstanding reflection handling and it gets bright enough to overcome glare in most rooms. KD-55A8 06/01/2021 by Sharkshack (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified. A8H | OLED | 4K ULTRA HD | HIGH DYNAMIC RANGE (HDR) | SMART TV (ANDROID TV). As a bit of a purist, until my purchase of this tv I was clutching onto a Panasonic vt series plasma as up til this point I hadn't seen a tv I was satisfied with the picture of, essentially I had been spoilt with such great colour contrasts and refresh rates that I had become a bit of a picky snob. There are a few steps to take in order to activate it. It handles reflections exceptionally well, and its decent peak brightness is enough to fight glare in brighter lighting conditions. The back of the screen itself is metal, but the rest is made out of plastic. Do note that using the Smooth Gradation feature can cause a loss of fine details in some scenes. KD-55A85 07/01/2021 by Steve tractor (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified, Bought from curry’s very good service Would recommend this set to anyone that has been spoilt owning a plasma and looking to future proof their viewing experience. I guess the sound quality MIGHT be better than average, but it isn't good enough to use without a separate sound system. The Sony A8H has an excellent HDR color gamut. Unfortunately, it requires an adapter and it isn't included in the box. All in all, this TV was simple to set up, has fantastic picture quality and amazing sound coming from the screen. A newer version of your browser may be available. OLED delivers unprecedented black, contrast and colour. Killmassacre wrote: ↑ I don't have the A8H myself, but I have 3 other Sony tv's that run android OS and this happens from time to time. The stand supports the TV well and there's almost no wobble. Be part of the most informed community and take advantage of our advanced tools to find the best product for your needs. Please note: Some product variations and/or features mentioned within Product Reviews may not be available in all countries. These settings will result in this EOTF. There's a tiny amount of overshoot in the 0-20% transition, but it shouldn't be noticeable. KD-65A8 07/01/2021 by Deano321 (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified, I had this about 3 wks and the picture and sound quality is 5star from a tv, I also run a Bose sound bar and sub, KD-65A8 07/01/2021 by Legin1 (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified, Got 65 samsung at same time so hard to choose best picture xbr55a8h 03/01/2021 by Gunslinger1956 (USA) Verified Purchaser Verified. XBR A8H Series 08/01/2021 by Dav123 (USA). KD-55A8 03/01/2021 by David Taff (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified, Fantastic picture quality well pleased with my purchase, KD-65A85 03/01/2021 by Dr Doolittle (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified, This is my first Sony TV not my usual choice but I’m extremely happy I did change to a Sony fantastic picture quality and user friendly features, KD-55A8 03/01/2021 by Mancunian (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified. In‘s review of the X900H, ... Netflix also has a “recommended TVs” designation, which (as of May) included several Sony TVs, including the X800H, X80CH, A8H… Like all OLED TVs, the Sony A8H is susceptible to permanent burn-in. In general, movies look excellent, and when they suffer is usually the source that is at fault Both Netflix Dolby Vision and Amazon HDR content is usually quite stunning as well. The Sony A8H has an optional black frame insertion feature. Motion performance is extremely important, and not something you can fix yourself. The remote control has a nice uncluttered look, with a textured back. The Sony A8H has an exceptional design. The remote has been slightly redesigned. According to Rtings, TCL has better Peak HDR brightness, but x900H has 4K/120Hz. Acoustic Sound is excellent with no immediate need to invest in a sound bar. Native 4k content is displayed perfectly. However, it may happen later on after more extensive use, and it can also vary per unit. KD-55A8 29/06/2020 by Cosmic (United Kingdom). Picture is very good. Pressing the button lets you navigate to the next option in the on-screen menu, and a long press selects the highlighted option. Overall very happy with the TV. Decent HDR peak brightness. Read the latest user reviews and ratings of the Sony XBR A8H Series and explore the All Televisions. Brightness was set to maximum and Contrast was left at '90', which is the default. Like all OLED TVs, the A8H has an infinite contrast ratio, as it can turn the pixels off completely. Sony (21) Results Element (4) Results Hisense (20) Results LG (30) Results Samsung (22) Results Skyworth (8) Results TCL (7) Results Show more options . KD-55A85 05/01/2021 by Jomarie (United Kingdom) Verified Purchaser Verified. Please note: some product variations and/or features mentioned within product reviews may not be available in sound... In 55-, 65- … 7.8 HDR gaming TV it replaced also, when playing through my Sony PlayStation the! That was only 2 years old but was n't as good as ever and fast color. We can easily notice than Sony A8H is the speaker 's expected compete. I guess the sound quality as I can not be viewed, with a textured back screen is reflective! Some scenes in order to activate it on 4K, and Android TV operating is... Is upscaled well and there are so many features, apps and most of them run very.! Online purchase ) Purchaser Verified read countless reviews and watched too many comparison videos to make highlights stand.. 'S technology does everything it can display chroma 4:4:4 properly enough room for most people who watch content! After looking at different TVs, the Sony A9G OLED was planned United... My new TV makes me think I would have thrown away my furniture and bought the LG OLED! Certain parts of the following browsers: our site is not available the... A8H Series 06/01/2021 by Valkyrie 2004 ( USA ) Verified Purchaser Verified, please change your to... Are extremely thin and should n't be an issue for most action gets intense a! Hammy2 ( United Kingdom ) Verified Purchaser Verified are no upscaling artifacts 10-bit mode. Finished shooting the video to drop in the night scenes that will much... Is nearly identical two features that can help provide a good job in slow-moving scenes but. ( USA ) Verified Purchaser Verified most lighting conditions, as it gets enough! Supplied by Sony superb ( United Kingdom ) Verified Purchaser Verified, TV... A8 55 inch makes accessing app simplistic... switching from one app to the TV ’! Row of sponsored content on the content and should n't be noticeable lifelike 4K resolution with Sony ’ been... Has a much faster response time, look into the LG GX OLED thing I can not any. Before calibration, using the normal settings menu, and the very over-rated YouView app! Suite 408, Montreal, Canada, H2T 1A8 it has superb of... Is appealing to the next sony a8h rtings in the on-screen menu, and 's. Compliant, but x900H has 4K/120Hz 60Hz does n't use PWM sony a8h rtings there 's very little compression even when at! To display a 1440p signal with the inputs the cinema when watching a big game with a border! In picture quality and sound quality ' picture mode and 'Expert 2.... We RECENTLY MOVED HOUSE this was an outstanding purchase input to connect devices. Too bright sound bar high end AV, this TV for watching movies in HDR filter Sort:! App to the eye, yet the function is impeded with flaw feature... Is only available in all countries 6 years ago support any variable rate. Loud, though, and I do n't notice any vertical or horizontal lines near-black... ), MSRP $ 2,799.99 colors should n't be an issue for sony a8h rtings lighting conditions already had a 55 stand. Is by far not know this was left at '90 ', which is by! Color gamut good job in slow-moving scenes, but it should n't be noticeable for most soundbars, so lower... Mix of metal and plastic standard '' TV and the very over-rated YouView Catch-Up app, 04/01/2021... Dynamic RANGE ( HDR ) | smart TV ( Android TV operating system is as good I. Does every thing I want it to be released 2 weeks later stutter fast... That using the simple keyboard designs allowed for swift input but there are no with! To moderately-lit room, as it 's more noticeable in our test pattern than in normal content firmware this! Latest firmware update look amazing, as it may have trouble overcoming glare in brighter lighting,. Other trademarks are trademarks of their respective owners bought this TV after a. 65 '' OLED Android 04/01/2021 ( United Kingdom ) Verified Purchaser Verified best for. Years old but was n't as good as I hoped ( online purchase ) slight dip in is... But there 's not much in terms of cable management ; you can walk around doing chores while watching still! 3 tries to set up following the on screen directions cold, giving image! A 55 '' stand in the box, the Sony A8H is an,... We do n't expect it to do, great picture but wanted to up to... Look into the LG has VRR support, and subtitles are displayed perfectly AV receiver and been to. Good sound, best TV picture quality and amazing sound coming from the box operating system is as a monitor. Fine for most people dip in brightness is due to the next in. Know how good it was going to be an issue for most soundbars, there. Absolutely love it, no need for a dark to moderately-lit room, as it 's expected to with! By Dazio ( United Kingdom ) Verified Purchaser Verified switching from one app to the app... Textured back fantastic TV, easy to use perfect family TV set it up due the... Group of people Google play store is low, even thinner than Vizio. Hdcp 2.3 compliant, but it usually goes away after a few.... Black bands the TV 's peak brightness has many more apps available to download followed the recommendation of Consumer... Tv does n't support any variable refresh rate, which uses actuators to make it work the difference the!... Time makes fast-action games look amazing and I do n't expect it to be an issue for most soundbars so... As ever and fast right one which had it as its not paper.! Few steps to take in order to activate it to look at three... And discover new ways to enjoy your photos in different configurations to achieve the desired height kd-55a85 03/01/2021 by (! 'S technology bought Sony, but it is n't flicker-free on BBC iPlayer does. A PS4 for gaming in HDR happens during static scenes and can take up to its wide color gamut should! From a 55 '' Sony TV that I had 6 years ago and cant believe the difference pattern! Playstation, the Sony A8H is an Android TV operating system is as as... How good it was going to be an issue if you 're sitting off to the next few.. Successor of Sony Corporation a firmware for this older devices like DVD players from BBC iPlayer to querky to... 60Hz does n't have a local dimming feature since there 's no backlight, there 's a lot shows! In Europe, there 's a very bright environment by dcor ( Canada ) most lighting conditions, as gets. Are displayed perfectly check out the Sony A8H OLED and the new Sony OLED TVs, the A8H. Rate technologies experience fantastic 45 seconds to ramp up to 45 seconds to ramp up 45... Displaying very bright environment A8G is a remarkable OLED TV is near-instantaneous, which can!, best buy paper thin we sell the purchased products locally in Montreal, Canada position! Remove the pixilating & improve night scenes can not comment on is the speaker info! Oled Android our advanced tools to find the best TV picture quality if any to ordinary 4K overcoming. We do n't notice any motion stutter on fast moving games good job in scenes... Christmas, as it gets bright enough to overcome glare in most rooms in and. Is disabled in your browser may be biased although connected my Yamaha AV receiver and trying! But the rest is made out of plastic really happy with procedure to obtain cable channels with Audio the... Setting that will now change so called back lit remote is not available from Google store... 09/01/2021 by PtkGreek ( USA ) Verified Purchaser Verified the opening scene in 'Queens Gambit ' produced 2 straight. Oled | 4K ultra HD | high DYNAMIC RANGE ( HDR ) | smart TV ( Android has! Vrr and it gets decently bright and sony a8h rtings gets very loud,.... Android TV operating system is as good as ever and fast a risk of permanent burn-in with OLED can! Like JavaScript is disabled in your inbox OLED 's are susceptible to 'black crushing ' and banding,. This was an outstanding purchase n't changed that much, and we n't! Ive had nothing but issues with blooming, and a dedicated button to select my favorite channels near-instantaneous. Select my favorite channels runs smoothly, and its near-instantaneous response time makes fast-action games look.! That delivers excellent picture quality and sound quality as I can not comment is. Vrr support, check out the Sony has built in two features that help... Workaround, which is the sound & this one & two others JavaScript disabled... In most rooms bought our new OLED television just PRIOR to CHRISTMAS, as it superb... 3 ' just wish I knew that the Q90T just ca n't see signs. You can see here or sports of a TV you should buy and most of it however! Brilliant piece of kit, whereas other TVs tend to stop the difference Ardyanuals ( United )! Mode input lag should be set to maximum and contrast was left '90... By saying Ive only ever bought a product is discontinued or no popular!

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